What is DiddleGirls.com? diddle - \ˈdi-dəl\ -verb
a. to copulate with. b. to practice masturbation upon

In short, Diddle Girls are the most beautiful women in the world, playing with their gorgeous bodies and masturbating themselves to orgasm. All of our girls are second to none, and we look all over the world to bring you the next Diddle Girl and bring her to you each and every week!
Daria starts off nice and slow, but things heat up quick once she inserts a toy in her tight little ass. She works herself up to an orgasm before removing the toy and licking it clean...
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Tall and slender, with flowing blonde hair, Natalie slowly strips down to her stockings, then gets a small toy out to begin her diddling...
Dark hair and a nice, tight body, Jennifer gets a little more extreme... Jennifer heads right for our largest toys and pulls out a big one before inserting her own fist to get her off completely.
With an unbelievably stacked body, Carol loves to masturbate. Of course, we encourage that, and she goes to work with a glass dildo that she puts deep inside her. She gets off hard, then licks up the mess!
Introducing Lucie, one of the most beautiful women on the planet. She has a thing for big insertions it seems, because she grabs Big Ben and goes right to work, making herself orgasm over and over...
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